Award certificate template

A recognition certificate

is a great way to stimulate engagement . To reward your students with something tangible they can show their parents and hang on their wall is a strategic way to build higher expectations in your students. The benefits from using this strategy are many: First, the student is acknowledged, meeting a basic human need. Secondly, others in the class (or in the family) are motivated to strive to succeed. Positive reinforcement. Thirdly, the achieving student sets a bar for themselves to live up to going forward and this drives them to want to repeat the success. 

Certificates that stipulate the particular achievement of the student will be a constant reminder to them at times when their performance may be lagging, that they are capable of good outcomes.

I came across this great resource where you can download templates for certificates that can be printed for your students.
By the way, don’t do the work yourself. Ask the teacher aides to do it!

Remember the FlashStart zero prep strategy.

 Award certificate template