Communicative Language Teaching – Pt 5

“There has been a change of emphasis from presenting language as a set of forms which have to be learned and practiced, to presenting language as a functional system…” Tarone and Yule: Focus on the Language Learner Approaches to Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Second Language Learners

(Oxford University Press – 1989)

Those words were published almost 40 years ago but their implementation has come at the pace of a slow moving glacier.

Communicative Language Teaching – Pt 4

As the brain surgeon said, “The operation was a success but the patient died.” Language teachers may scratch their heads and say, “The course was a success. But they cant’s speak the language.” Like the surgeon, they did everything by the book, but the language died in the student’s brain.

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Why use a recognition certificate?

Award certificate template A recognition certificate is a great way to stimulate engagement . To reward your students with something tangible they can show their parents and hang on their wall is a strategic way to build higher expectations in your students. The...