English teaching jobs, learning a language…our graduates say what they like about FLASHstart

"English is not my native language but....I use FLASHstart suggestion about resume'...take it...and in next week I find good job"


Arkady Kornienko

English Teacher

“The MindBranding technique is so amazing”


“Thanks to FlashStart, I now have a plan”

“With the MindBranding technique I remembered words that I never thought I would”

“This course can really set you up for the future”

Thank you all. This is an amazing course. And your instruction is so informative. I am surprised that I am understanding and learning more than I thought. Your teaching methods are very innovative and yet easy. This is the best course I have ever taken.
Thanks again,
Sean Grey

FlashStart Graduate, New York

'This course really gave me confidence to teach English. I'd earned back my financial investment in the course in just one month. While teaching English overseas (in China) I didn't have to work many hours to cover my expenses so I had plenty of time for more important things.'

Amanda Sawyer

Private English tutor

The Flashstart TESOL course gave me enough confidence to start a new teaching English career even though it's not my mother tongue. After I finished the course I had no trouble finding work.

Irina Kornienko

English Teacher

'If you want to gain confidence in teaching English, learn how to apply for English teaching jobs, help avoid preparation time, learn how to manage a class, I'd recommend this course.

I taught English to refugees and asylum seekers after completing the FLASHstart TESOL course. Also I used these methods to teach Spanish to a large group who were very impressed with their rapid progress in learning the language. The suggestions and formats... were easy to follow.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to finance a move overseas or gain confidence with a skill they already have.'

Patricia Schiller

English and Spanish teacher

“Fresh, up to date and practical…”

‘Now able to communicate in our international community’



Thank you so much! This was a fantastic course, and I am very glad to have access to this whenever I need clarification on one of the methods or on something found in the course book. Thank you for your help, and for thorough answers to all of my questions.
Erica Ann Ricketts


Erica Ricketts

FlashStart Online Graduate


“With these methods, any one can teach English…”

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