FlashStart Internship Certificate Course Program

Here’s how it works…

The program consists of 20 weeks of teaching students some English lessons you’ve developed.

The benefit of the FlashStart Internship Program (FIP) is you have an opportunity to practice your skills, while getting documented evidence of your teaching. Some schools require teachers who’ve taken 120 hr TESOL courses and have more experience than you get from obtaining just a TESOL certificate. This FIP allows you to meet that criteria.

Our internship program gives you credit for 100 hours on top of the 20 hours you spent obtaining your TESOL certificate. It will be 20 weeks of 5 hours per week and will comprise of four things each week. 

  1. Design a lesson (which may include finding the source material and creating your tools) and teach for 2 hours. (After taking the TESOL component you’ll have class plans and templates to use as well as knowing how to structure your class content)
  2. Submit video evidence of your class 
  3. Submit your class plan and content
  4. Mark each week as complete.

Before beginning you’ll need to find some real students (1 or more) and decide on one area of spoken English to specialise in. We’ll send you more detailed instructions after enrolment.

Along with the two hours of teaching, you’ll be credited with 3 hours for the lesson design and plan part. Total of 5 hours.

The outcome will be a TESOL Internship certification. (This definitely helps you to land jobs) 

At the end of the 20 weeks you’ll have

  • your TESOL Internship certificate
  • greater confidence (you’ll be so confident you’ll be begging to give a demo class to prospective employees)
  • your own curriculum that will be useful for any students you find going forward (once the curriculum is developed and lesson plans made, you can use them over and over again with later students.Having your own curriculum is a way to stand out from other English tutors who may be freelancing.)
  • and of course, if you’ve taken the Internship as part of the Platinum package, the other certificates gained along the way.