Communicative Language Teaching – Pt 4

Following is the next two points commenting further on the subject of communicative language learning

7. Learners develop their own routes to language learning, progress

at different rates, and have different needs and motivations for

language learning.

Communicative Language Training must be rooted in self-guided learning to be truly successful. The teacher must train the student not to speak a language but train a student to learn how to teach himself a language  – without dependence on the teacher. This is the true cornerstone of Communicative Language Learning methodology and is based on the meaning of the phrase learners develop their own routes to language learning. Give students the basic tools to do so. Teach them to teach themselves. This does not eliminate the teacher but turns the teacher into a coach.

8. Successful language learning involves the use of effective learning

and communication strategies.

It seems that effective learning has escaped the notice of many language schools, colleges and universities in particular. Students pass tests, sometimes with flying colors, but then cannot have effective conversations – even after four years of language learning.

As the brain surgeon said, “The operation was a success but the patient died.” Language teachers may scratch their heads and say, “The course was a success. But they cant’s speak the language.” Like the surgeon, they did everything by the book, but the language died in the student’s brain.

Current methods of teaching don’t convey effective ways of learning and the results of high school, college and university students worldwide speak for themselves: four years of surgery followed by failure.