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 Online Language Teacher. Learn how to teach spoken English classes online for profit and gain geographic freedom



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TESOL Certification Online


Travel the world and earn as you go by teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

Teaching English is in high demand! No doubt about it, it’s estimated by 2020 2 billion people will be learning English. Guess what – they need someone to teach them…whether that’s in class, tutoring one on one or you in online English teaching jobs.

While overseas though, you don’t want to be spending all your time in lesson preparation – a number one problem for TESOL teachers right now. So, what about if you could….

Walk into a classroom,
pick up a book you’ve never seen before,
and start to teach in 90 seconds… a 90 minute class.

Zero prep teaching!

Well… for less than the cost of a couple of dinners at a fancy restaurant, I guarantee this will be you!

 FlashStart  TESOL Certification

Online-english-teaching-jobssShows how to avoid class prep time all together

Giv2 finger bullet smes you confidence so you can start your first day with a smile instead of dread.

3 finger bullet smAllows you to travel to exotic locations with TESOL paying the way

Online-english-teaching-jobsFast Tracks your TESOL education…start Earning earlier!

*(TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is also known as TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.)

So if you want to –

-> shortcut the time it takes to learn to teach spoken English effectively, and / or
-> learn a language yourself (useful if you don’t speak the mother tongue of your students)

Choose this option. This is perpetual membership…meaning it never expires.


What are the benefits of perpetual membership?
Firstly, a perpetual member can access the course whenever they want to. Even after the first year. Why would you want to do this? Well if you’re teaching and want to remind yourself how an activity goes you can watch the lesson again to be reminded. If you want to try an activity you haven’t tried yet, to freshen up your class, it’s good to be able to remind yourself how todo it, if it’s been a while since you first saw it in the course.
Secondly, we are adding new features all the time. Eg last month, three new resources were added to the last module that will be useful in your teaching. These were
  • 1 a cheat sheet about nine different teaching techniques you can use to inspire and nurture your students.
  • 2 an e-Book to use to remind your students why they want to learn or improve their English. Very motivating.
  • 3 A List of current online English teaching schools and all the details and requirements you need for applying to teach with them.

YouLearn how to be a dynamic public speaker can speak in public and be rewarded handsomely! The guidance in this course will help you in your job, business or other meaningful endeavours where you need to present to an audience.

What has public speaking to do with TESOL/TEFL/ESL  work? Every time you step into a classroom and open your mouth, you’re speaking in public. Most schools recognise that. If you’re certified in public speaking your application will be more favourably considered. In many countries the more certificates you have the better the employers like it.

How does this help your TESOL career?  Most schools will decide your pay rate by how qualified you are. How do they determine your qualifications? By the amount of certificates you have.

You know you’re qualified to speak in public because of the amount of experience you’ve had, but without a certificate that confirms it, you can’t attract the highest pay rate. If you can present several certificates that establish your credentials you’ll be paid what you’re worth.

What will you learn?:
How to prepare so your confidence soars. How to introduce you message so your audience will be hooked from the moment you open your mouth. How to assemble your arguments in a convincing way so your audience will be on your side right throughout your presentation. How to conclude in a way that motivates your audience to take action!

….and much more!

Enrol below today!

FlashStart TESOL Saver

methods-of-teaching-EnglishThis is exactly the same course as TESOL Certification Online but has limited time access. So it’s the full TESOL Certification with a One Year membership only. You can renew at $99/year after that if you wish.

Your qualification never expires. But after one year you’ll need to reregister for a yearly cost of $99 if you want to keep accessing the FlashStart TESOL course.





TESOL Certification and ProDev20 hours of enriching classroom methodology and language learning inspiration. Teaching English or any language becomes easy with FlashStart’s dynamic certification program which focuses primarily on coaching spoken English with zero preparation time from you the teacher. You’ll see how FlashStart’s amazing methods of teaching English, or any other language, will banish boredom from your classroom and your brain. Your students will love you. Each unit of each module has clear explanations and some demonstrations.






How to Teach English Classes Online

If you want to teach English online (or any other language)

then thisEnglish-classes-online free introductory course is a must. Want to have the freedom to work from wherever the internet is available so be able to travel? Want to stay home to work instead of facing the rush hour traffic? Need to be home for the kids but also need to work? This course is for you! This course has one Unit with 4 sub-units. So it's fairly quickly digested. But it's enough to give you an overview of what the full course contains and even get you started from here if you feel you're ready. So what are you waiting for? Hit the 'Select' button now and enrol.

Online Language Teaching - How to teach language online for profit and gain geographic freedom.

What's the best way to teach language online? Is there more than one? Yes! In this course you'll get the whole picture. From where to start to how to grow. Where will your students come from? How will you teach them? How much can you make? All these questions and more are covered in this course. If you want to gain a greater measure of geographic freedom, then teaching language is a great way to break the shackles of being locked into a 9-5 job at the workplace. This course will guide the way.

Dynamic Public Speaking For Success

TESOL Certification Online

FlashStart TESOL Saver



tesol-certification-is-available-here. This-is-the-group-option.

 Up to FOUR people enrolled.

Get your friends or colleagues together and help them start a new career - they'll love you for it!

Want to save more on your TESOL Certification? Contact us about organising a group.


Up to SIX people enrolled.




If you have more than four in your group, then consider our ULTIMATE Group TESOL option. Get your friends or colleagues together and help them start a new career - they'll love you for it!

One person enrols the group. So they need to collect the money from the other group members. We send a code to the organiser of the group.  They then give this code to the other group members who enrol individually.

FREE Access - Module 1 FlashStart TESOL Certification

online-english-teaching-jobsThe coolest TESOL around! Here's 9 units of brilliance to get you started! 

Click on 'Select' then add your details to start your course.


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