Teaching Jobs Available

If you want to work overseas or even close to home check here often to see what's been listed.

Jobs for After Your FlashStart Certification is Completed

We’re happy to have this extra feature on FlashStart Language Tools because we want to help as many of you as possible to find work teaching. So this page is dedicated to listing the openings we hear about and the requirements you need to meet along with appropriate contact details. Please let us know if you hear of anything going in your school if you’re already teaching. We’ll be happy to post any legitimate work positions here. All positions will be listed below. Scroll down to see if there’s something you’d like to apply for. Please note that although all care is taken to recommend quality positions, FlashStart is not in a position to vet all of the jobs posted here. It is the responsibility of the applicant to do their own due diligance inquiries before accepting positions.

Online opportunities.

This link provides lot’s of places to look for online teaching jobs.

iTutor Group

This company recently indicated they are keen to find degree qualified teachers (not necessarily a degree in teaching). Our source who works there says they also search out TESOL qualified teachers who have public speaking certificates. Apply here. Russia

We recently received this message through out FB group membership…
“I am a director of the school of foreign languages from Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. We have 6 years of experience in teaching English, Spanish, French and Italian to Russian students. This year we are working with new projects and that’s why we are looking forward for foreign freelancers. If you are interested in our vacancy, please, visit our site: http://medvedschool.com/envacancy 
We have classes face to face (individual and group) and online for Russians, and also we have online classes of Russian language for foreigners. Just in case, here is our email medvedschool@gmail.com
…You can work from any country in the world
If you follow the link, you will see that we are looking for someone who will be an author of written and audio in your native language and who will carry out a 30-minute lessons by Skype for our students (1-2 times per month). It can be done online.

China – Beijing Based

Sprout English
Currently over 200 friends in over 15 countries have been hired by Sprout.  Sprout is an online school that teaches English to young children in China. They are looking for long-term teachers who are especially enthusiastic and energetic. Since all of the students are in China, it is recommended to live in a time zone that is conducive to teaching during early weekday evening when the kids can take classes (likely your early morning in USA or Australia is two hours ahead of China time).
DETAILS • Work from home and choose your own available hours. • Students are between 5 and 12 years old. • Between 1 – 4 students per class. • 50 and 60 minute classes. • Class material is provided for you. PAYMENT • Starts at $18/hour (not per class). • Yearly opportunities for raises. QUALIFICATIONS • Must love working with kids! • Please only native born English speakers. • College degree preferred. However, TESOL certified teachers with previous teaching experience may apply. • PC or Mac computer with i3 processor or faster. • Stable high speed internet. APPLICATION To apply, please upload your resume and a professional photo here: http://teacher.rouchi.com/#/employ/create?channel=referral&referred_by=teacher100006

Offline opportunities


Description (provided and posted 26 April 2017) Jobs available: 1-3 depending on timing.


I just wanted to inform that the school where I currently work is looking for English teacher. I think not necessarily native, being “farang” is enough. The school is situated in Tak province, amphoe muang (city). Also another two schools in Tak province, Amphoe Bantak and Wang Chao are looking for teachers. Probably one school in Tak province, Mae Sod city needs a teacher too, but not sure. I’m not the person that will interview and hire, but I was asked to find somebody among my friends. Schedule and salary will be discussed with Thai teachers, but I think that job is quite suitable for needgraters and rp’s. New term starts on 17th of May. I think before that time teacher should get working visa and work permit, that might take some time too. I am happy to help and give more information about job  in Tak via email: michal.pawlik@email.com”


Jobs available – unknown it varies from time to time. An English School on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia employs temporary replacement teachers from time to time and is interested in hearing from anyone who has at least a TESOL certificate. Our source is currently a teacher there who started working at the school as a relief teacher but then obtained full time employment after winning the school’s trust. If anyone of our graduates lives in the region of the Gold Coast, Australia and would like more details, please get in touch with us and we can pass on the relevant contact details.