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Learn how to be a dynamic public speaker

30% OFF – $67 – Until 3/ 31/ 2017

The good news is for the month of March, we’re offering this outstanding extra tool in your portfolio for 30% off. So instead of $97 you can obtain this certificate course for $67.


Be certified as a public speaker.

Overcome your public speaking fear

How can this help your career?

Learn how to be a dynamic public speakerAre you a teacher? Wanna be a teacher? If so then you want to attract the highest pay possible.

Especially if your goal is to spend your time on more important activities than work!

When applying for a teaching position at a school with your TESOL certificate, there’ll always be some flexibility in the salary. They will often have a much lower pay rate to offer the inexperienced or less qualified teacher.

On the other hand having several certificates to produce at the interview will set you apart from many of the other applicants. If you’re in a situation where the job is basically yours because there are no other applicants, then you want to be able to negotiate the highest possible rate. Would you agree?

For the longest time when the FlashStart TESOL course has been delivered live, participants have been able to avail themselves of further certificates based on there life experience. RPL if you like.

We want to give our online customers and potential customers the same opportunity. So we’re expanding our available courses and certificates to make it possible to increase the visibility of your sterling qualifications.

We’re pleased to announce the release of Dynamic Public Speaking For SuccessPSC – Public Speaking Certificate.How to speak in public without fear.

How does it work? You download the eBook and read it. Then take the open book exam. Upon completion, you can download your PSC certificate.  How much is this new offering?

The opening price will be $97 for a trial period of several months. This gives us a chance to gauge the interest in this new product.

The good news is for the month of March, we’re offering this outstanding extra tool in your portfolio for 30% off. So instead of $97 you can obtain this certificate course for $67. A real bargain wouldn’t you agree?

Grab the discount code under the Special Deals tab.

teaching English jobs

Teaching English jobs

From time to time we hear of opportunities to teach that become available.  We’ll add them to this page in case any of our graduates or visitors are interested in applying.

An English School on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia employs temporary replacement teachers from time to time and is interested in hearing from anyone who has at least a TESOL certificate. Our source is currently a teacher there who started working at the school as a relief teacher but then obtained full time employment after winning the school’s trust.

If anyone of our graduates lives in the region of the Gold Coast, Australia and would like more details, please get in touch with us and we can pass on the relevant contact details.

"Incredible course! Amazing methods. Powerful tools to teach simple and difficult concepts. Highly recommended."

Jonathon B

Sydney, 2013

"Refreshing approach to teaching and learning that has inspired me to change my teaching methods."

Sarah A

University Lecturer, Sydney, 2013

"I learned fantastic NEW methods to use in both teaching AND learning a new language."

Ruth G

Sydney, 2014

Our 'Happy Teachers' page has more of what students like about our course...

More happy teachers

New York, 2015

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