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Change of pace in the way language is taught is like that of a slow moving glacier. Communicative language learning is long overdue to become the norm.

Communicative Language Teaching – Pt 5

“There has been a change of emphasis from presenting language as a set of forms which have to be learned and practiced, to presenting language as a functional system…” Tarone and Yule: Focus on the Language Learner Approaches to Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Second Language Learners

(Oxford University Press – 1989)

Those words were published almost 40 years ago but their implementation has come at the pace of a slow moving glacier.

Communicative Language Teaching – Pt 4

As the brain surgeon said, “The operation was a success but the patient died.” Language teachers may scratch their heads and say, “The course was a success. But they cant’s speak the language.” Like the surgeon, they did everything by the book, but the language died in the student’s brain.

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Online Teaching Jobs – Why Chinese Education Companies are Chasing US Teachers.

Online English teaching jobs for US teachers are the order of the day according to this blog post from Forbes Magazine. If there is one thing Jing Jing thinks her four-year-old daughter Jenny should start learning early on, it would be English. The...

Seven FATAL Time-Wasters for Language Learners

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award certificate template

Why use a recognition certificate?

Award certificate template A recognition certificate is a great way to stimulate engagement . To reward your students with something tangible they can show their parents and hang on their wall is a strategic way to build higher expectations in your students. The...

Communicative Language Teaching Pt 3 – What should the real focus be?

We’ll have to disagree with Mr. Richards here as these methods lean towards an academic approach to learning a language (see previous point). Which is not the point of Communicative Language Training which is trying to avoid the old approaches to learning a language in the first place.